What is the Latest Medical Technology?

If you’re looking for a sector where technology moves at a frightening speed, then modern medicine is certainly up there. In fact, over the coming years, it’s thought that new medical technology companies could become as influential in healthcare as the big money world of pharma.

The technological breakthroughs are coming thick and fast. So, what is the latest medical technology we should look out for?

What is the latest in medical technology?

1. Big data in patient monitoring

Patient monitoring has always been a less than exact science. Much of the chaos in hospitals, and particularly intensive care units, results from patient alarms going off. Often, all at the same time. However, research has found 80 per cent of those hospital alarms are not necessary.

One significant improvement in healthcare technology is the introduction of big data in the monitoring of patients. Stations that harness the power of big data use intelligent algorithms to identify patterns and spot trends that overworked healthcare employees can’t. The tech can then predict which patients will get into trouble. Therefore, doctors can intervene before the situation becomes critical.

2. A potential cure for sleep apnea

Sleep disorders like sleep apnea affect more than 1.5 million Australians. Sleep apnea is a condition that occurs when a person’s breathing is interrupted during sleep. It also leads to an increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.

Until very recently, equipment like CPAP machines experienced some success at treating sleep apnea. However, new medical technology called neuromodulation promises to be a much more effective solution. Neuromodulation is an implant that works like a pacemaker to stimulate the patient and keep the airwaves open during sleep. So far, clinical tests have been encouraging. That said, at the moment the technology is still in its infancy.

3. An effective way to treat diabetes

Diabetes is currently the biggest challenge facing Australia’s medical professionals, but the latest medical technology means there could be some hope for the country’s 1.7 million diabetes sufferers in the form of a hybrid closed-loop insulin delivery system.

Last May, America rolled out the new technology, which is essentially an artificial pancreas. It uses computer algorithms to deliver a continuous supply of insulin to the body at the levels it is needed. Currently, it is only being used to treat those with Type 1 diabetes. However, it could also be good news for those with the more common Type 2 diabetes.

4. More precision meds for cancer treatment

The latest medical technology means those who are diagnosed with cancer are being given more precise meds to fight cancerous cells than ever before. This so-called ‘precision medicine’ allows doctors to select a treatment based on the particular genetic makeup of the patient’s cancer.

As an example, rather than just treating lung cancer, healthcare professionals will be able to treat the specific type of lung cancer the patient has down to the abnormal genes and proteins.

5. Improved operating theatre visibility

Eizo is a Japanese firm that develops and manufactures innovative medical display monitors for applications such as surgery and radiology. The 3D monitors provide increased depth perception and use the circular polarisation technique to produce the best image clarity to date.

Eizo also produces surgical wall panels, and there are a number of ways to configure them to meet the requirements of particular operating theatres. Users can decide what can be seen on each panel, from MRI, CT scans and digital X-rays to live images from surgical cameras and endoscopes. Operating theatre nurses can then switch between images during surgery to give the surgeon all the information they need.


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