High-End Document Scanner Rental Can Save You Time and Money

High-end document scanner rental can save you time and moneyFinding the right scanner for your business can be a challenge. They come in all shapes, sizes, brands and models and offer different functionality. For business use, high-end document scanner rental is usually the best option.

Improved Productivity

Document scanners are used for high-speed scanning. Whether for one page or a stack of paperwork, they provide a quick and efficient service to meet your professional requirements. At Hire Intelligence, we offer a wide range of scanners available to rent for your business, including high-end document scanner hire.

Canon DR-9080C Scanner Rental

One of our top recommended scanners available for business rental is the Canon DR-9080C scanner, which brings high speed and production level document scanning to a new level and makes short work of any large scale-scanning task and saves your business time and money.

For high quality document scanning, the Canon DR-9080C delivers an output resolution of up to 600 x 600 dpi and offers a ‘smoothing’ function to enhance quality. It enables superior text enhancement and offers a dual light sensor system that prevents wrinkle shades.

The DR-9080C offers rapid scanning speeds of up to 90ppm in black and white and 50ppm in colour and is equipped to be used within a wide range of business applications. The DR-9080C can scan up to A3 size and is able to handle different paper formats and thickness in mixed batches. The scanner is compact, saving on storage space; easy-to-use with a simplified operation panel; and limits noise pollution as it is quieter than alternative scanners.

Kodak i620 Scanner Hire

Another of our popular scanners is the powerful and easy-to-use Kodak i620 digital document scanner. This document scanner uses advanced image processing and detection, allowing it to produce scanning speeds of up to 80ppm in both colour and black and white. The Kodak i620 can also turn low quality documents into high quality scans.

A fantastic feature of the i620 is that it automatically senses which way the document needs to be scanned and will rotate it for you. Not only does this document scanner provide the user with colour and black and white, it also gives the user the opportunity to use greyscale and dual stream, bitonal and colour and bitonal and greyscale. The Kodak i620 is able to fully identify colour detection saving you time and resources.

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