Meeting Tips for Business Success

As much as you would prefer to plan all your work meetings to perfection weeks or months in advance, it’s not always possible. However, even a last-minute business meeting can be a major success if you follow a few simple meeting tips.

Business meeting tips


Before you begin racing around the office like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off, take a moment to ensure you have the basics covered. What is the purpose of the meeting? Does your meeting have a budget? What date and time should be scheduled? Will the meeting be held on-site or off-site? Who will be invited and how? By ticking the big boxes first, you’ll be in a better position to deal with all the little boxes – like seating arrangements and snacks and refreshments – as the deadline draws closer.


Running effective meetings in the modern age often requires more than the traditional room layout with rows of chairs facing a large projector screen for your presentation. These days, you need to take advantage of the latest conference equipment to make a great impression and achieve meaningful outcomes. Don’t just set a meeting agenda; share it easily with each attendee through cost-effective iPad hire and tablet rental. Don’t just hope your meeting host and guest speakers will be heard; guarantee it by hiring a handheld, headset or lapel microphone connected to a PA system and speakers matching the scale of your event.


Interactivity is a key component of the contemporary professional meeting. To encourage open communication and ensure attendees truly engage with the host and each other, you should set up a dynamic meeting structure. A smartboard or touch screen, potentially used in conjunction with presentation software, allows you to tailor the content displayed according to the discussion taking place. Or, for remote meetings or meetings involving participants across various locations, why not rely on a video conference equipment rental for easy collaboration?


Above all else, a successful meeting is one where all participants walk away with a greater understanding of the situation. It’s one where participants leave with a clear idea of their responsibilities and objectives. For the meeting organisers, it’s all about sharing and gathering relevant information. In other words, try to focus your plans on reaching positive outcomes. Again, the latest interactive technology is there to assist. For example, hire video camera equipment to capture the whole meeting. Similarly, hire an audience response system for attendees to submit answers and feedback on key topics via a voting keypad. This way, you’ll leave the meeting armed with valuable data to support the dialogue.


Finally, always have a Plan B in place for when Plan A goes awry. If you don’t consider contingencies, you risk having your meeting hit a stumbling block you can’t recover from in time. Will you know who to call if there’s an issue with the venue? Will you be ready to hire the necessary equipment should your existing technology fail? All in all, be prepared for everything and your meeting is bound to go well.

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