Enjoy Fast and Full Scale Copying with HP PageWide Multifunction Photocopier

Enjoy fast and full scale copying with hp pagewide multifunction photocopierWhen you hire the Hewlett Packard PageWide Colour MFP E77650z Multifunction Photocopier, you get contemporary copying and printing technology that’s built for business. But what makes the HP PageWide Multifunction copier the perfect full scale printing solution for most large-scale projects? Let’s take a detailed look.


The HP MFP E77650 provides incredibly efficient output for a streamlined multifunction copier. Key to this model’s success is the integration of HP’s proven PageWide inkjet printing system. This system combines the major advantages of both traditional inkjet and laser printing to deliver faster and more reliable copying. The machine employs full-width print-heads – as opposed to the more cumbersome moving print-head used in previous inkjet technology – which help to dramatically increase print speeds and complete big jobs in record time. Users can key data quickly and accurately with a handy pull-out keyboard.

What kind of speeds are we talking about, exactly? Firstly, the HP copier can begin printing just seven seconds after being switched on from standby mode. Therefore, you’ll never be waiting around impatiently for those important pages to arrive. Once ready, your HP machine can print and copy at 70 pages per minute in full colour and black-and-white. It can also scan double-sided documents at up to 90 pages per minute via the 200-page A3 automatic document feeder.


Any business that needs to print, copy or scan up to thousands of high-quality pages within a short time-frame requires a machine with great precision as well as speed. Page content and clarity matter, so you should use the right technology for the job. While desktop printers are generally unable to image right to the edge of a sheet of paper without compromising on output or document detail, the HP MFP offers the kind of impressive full scale copying that makes all the difference to the viewer.

The HP MFP copier also enables simple page capture and detection of any potential errors or missing pages along the way. This makes it ideal for various team members working together at the same time. Furthermore, your staff will enjoy the ability to scan files directly to email, USB, network folders or to everyday software applications like Microsoft® Office 365 and SharePoint.

In addition, this copier offers industry-leading security. That’s thanks to the built-in HP Sure Start. It checks the device’s operating code and responds to attempted security breaches, among a host of other security features.

Want to learn more about how the HP PageWide Colour MFP E77650z Multifunction Photocopier can help your business? Talk to Hire Intelligence today.

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