Create a Better Interactive Experience using the Giant iTab

Giant itabSome events are well supported by bulk hire of small, portable IT devices like tablets and smartphones. However, in other situations you may need to think much bigger – literally! That’s where the Giant iTab comes in.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a conference, exhibition, training session, product or app launch, or your own sales/service centre. If you have an internet-connected, fully interactive, oversized smartphone-style device like the Giant iTab, it is bound to have a positive impact on the way people engage with your brand.

So, when it’s important to share simple, informative and memorable messages with staff, guests, customers, clients and any other business stakeholders, here are four ways a Giant iTab helps you create a better interactive experience.


First impressions count for plenty. This is especially so if you’re competing with other brands on the trade show floor. Available in 27″, 42″ or 55″ versions and proudly displayed on a mobile designer stand, your Giant iTab generates an instant wow-factor that gets people talking (and hopefully sharing) both during and after the event.


There’s not much point having a giant interactive device unless it’s nice and easy to use! The 10-point touch interface and functionality of the Giant iTab replicates the operation of a standard iOS, Android or Windows smartphone. Hence, the user’s experience of your service will be as smooth as possible. They say familiarity breeds contempt, but in this case, it breeds highly accessible content. This comes in the shape of web pages, digital multimedia, and native or web apps. Giant iTab supports all of them.


From a technical and operational perspective the Giant iTab is not much different to a corresponding handheld device. However, the combination of large screen and enormous novelty factor (on wheels) entices people to see how it works. Do you want visitors to fill out a registration form, enter a competition, or vote for an award winner? Or do you need to find a location, ask a question, watch a video, view an image gallery, or just about any other form of digital interaction you can think of? Everyone can get involved in your campaign with the help of the Giant iTab.


You may have incredibly interesting visual content. Even so, you will struggle to maintain the attention of a large group using a smartphone or tablet to demonstrate your ideas, products or app features in action. However, with some appropriately sized tech on your side, you should be able to present to a genuinely engaged audience. A Giant iTab lets you point, slide, type, draw, design, share, shop and generally show off what you’re doing without losing the interest of the people who matter.

To learn more about the interactive capabilities of Giant iTab, speak to Hire Intelligence.

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