Build the Ultimate Trade Show Display with Proven Equipment

Every exhibition or public-facing event represents an excellent opportunity to directly and indirectly promote your brand to a relevant audience. That’s why it’s vital to build a trade show display that not only creates a strong immediate impression of your business, but also provides a worthwhile experience for attendees who spend quality time at your booth.

Build the ultimate trade show display with proven equipmentHow do you ensure your exhibition booth design achieves these targets? You get organised, plan your optimal stand layout and incorporate proven equipment solutions. Here we highlight five types of technology to consider before starting the trade show booth design process.


Your booth’s visual impact plays a massive role in attracting visitors from the aisle and away from other stands. Certainly, large branded banners and product displays are a good start. However, it takes a bigger and bolder statement to effectively reach out to everyone in the vicinity. This is where an LED/LCD widescreen monitor or a hugely impressive video wall playing product demo videos comes to the fore. Video walls can be custom-designed to the size and shape that best suits your layout, budget and objectives.


You’ve attracted prospective customers to your stand. Now, you want them to feel welcome. It goes without saying that a face-to-face greeting followed by a genuine conversation is the optimal approach. But what happens when your team is talking to other people? An interactive digital kiosk such as the Apple Giant iTab can be your contemporary version of a receptionist or information desk. These easy-to-use mobile computer terminals allow you to make a variety of digital content, applications and web-based information instantly available to visitors.


Transitioning from casual conversation to genuine engagement is always the tricky part. Top business development managers know what they’re doing; however, even the best in the business can benefit from the support of a fully interactive touch screen or smart board pre-loaded with key marketing materials and content. This might include presentations, graphs and statistics, product specs and features, images and videos, and plenty more. Importantly, the “touch” functionality lets you select, control and edit content as you go to meet the interests of individual guests.


Ideally, your guests will have no reason to leave your booth in a hurry. However, if their phone battery is running low, why not give them an extra incentive to stay? With a mobile phone charging station you can captivate your audience with tailored brand messages, promotions and other interesting audio-visual display content while they wait for their personal devices to charge at your booth. It’s a win-win technology solution to a very common problem.


Say you’re exhibiting at an industry trade show where fun and entertainment are high on the agenda. For example, an expo for the retail, travel and hospitality, or health and beauty sectors. There’s a lot to be said for the use of novelty consumer engagement devices such as a the FotoATM smartphone and social media digital photo booth or a Big Microphone Ball.

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