Bring Your Office Desk Phones into the Digital Age

Office desk phoneEven with today’s myriad of business communications tools, sometimes office desk phones are still the best tools for the job.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the digital age.

Answer the call of VoIP

Voice over IP runs your phone calls over data networks rather than the traditional phone networks. This can deliver major cost savings, particularly when it comes to monthly line rentals and long-distance calls. The real benefit of VoIP, though, is greater flexibility when handling calls.

Embracing VoIP lets you create a virtual office switchboard to handle incoming calls in a more professional manner. This can include setting up Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to direct incoming calls to the right department. It can also include setting up hunt groups to ensure callers are connected over to a staff member who can handle their enquiry.

Shifting to VoIP also makes it easier to access features such as checking your desktop voicemail via a smartphone app, or receiving your voicemail messages as an email attachment.

Upgrade your handsets

VoIP handsets feature Ethernet ports rather than standard phone sockets. You can plug the handsets directly into your office data network.

There are plenty of different IP handsets to choose from, to suit every budget. Advanced features can include a large display offering access to your staff directory and support for Bluetooth headsets so you can make hands-free calls.

Upgrade your traditional handsets without committing to new IP handsets by utilizing a VoIP Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA). This small, efficient device connects your existing analogue handsets to your office data network through an Ethernet port, effectively transforming them into VoIP-enabled devices.

The ATA not only allows your handsets to connect via a standard telephone jack but also integrates seamlessly into your network, facilitating features like automatic call diverting throughout the office or to remote locations. This flexibility is perfect for environments where staff may hot-desk or work from different locations.

Additionally, there’s no need for a physical handset when staff are mobile. VoIP technology enables the conversion of computers, smartphones, or tablets into “softphones”. These softphones mimic the functionality of desk phones, offering a versatile communication solution. Consider this option as a part of your phone rental services to provide flexible and cost-effective solutions for dynamic business needs.

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