Bring Amazing Ideas to Life with the iMac Pro

If you thought the Apple iMac was a magnificent machine for work and leisure, the new iMac Pro is bound to impress you all over again. As far as all-in-one desktops go, this 27″ 14 Core Xeon Workstation offers everything a creative professional could possibly desire, and a little bit more for good measure.

Bring amazing ideas to life with the imac pro


On the outside, the stunning iMac Pro may look like another sleek and stylish Apple desktop with a brilliant 27-inch retina 5K display in space grey. However, on the inside, this is a genuine workstation-class device with massive capabilities. It’s fast, responsive and easily powerful enough to run the most complex and demanding applications. You’ll be able to achieve results beyond even your loftiest expectations.

There’s no doubt the iMac Pro can do just about anything. The question is, how will such a superior piece of hardware serve your needs? That depends on your sector, organisation and the nature of your next major project. Naturally, typical users include architects, urban planners, engineers, and developers of games or virtual reality (VR) experiences. However, many different professionals and businesses could potentially take advantage of such a robust, reliable and resoundingly effective workstation.

You may need a device for 3D modelling, animation, rendering, video editing or various other high-end challenges. Whatever the case, you can count on the iMac Pro to leverage the key benefits of professional software, programs and applications – such as Final Cut Pro X, Cinema 4D and Twinmotion – to help you bring your unique and amazing ideas to life. The iMac Pro enables superb visualisation of new concepts in a matter of seconds at the click of a mouse. From a graphics perspective, this technology is hard to beat for clarity and quality. Put simply, the iMac Pro delivers industry-leading detail as well as performance.


AMD’s Radeon Vega Pro 56 video adapter is backed by 8GB of dedicated video RAM to drive its outstanding display. Add a 1TB high performance solid state drive (SSD) and you’ll enjoy rapid, efficient data transfer every single time. Finally, the iMac Pro employs a standard 64GB of ECC RAM combined with an extremely powerful 14 core Xeon CPU. All up, your iMac Pro rental provides the hardware you need for virtually any intensive application.

The Apple iMac Pro 27″ 14 Core Xeon Workstation is also available for hire with the latest version of OS X and/or Windows 10 configurations. Furthermore, it comes with optional software like Microsoft Office, as well as Apple applications including Keynote, Final Cut Pro and more.

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