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The Best iPad Business Accessories to Put Your Tablet to Work

iPad Business AccessoriesiPads are amazingly versatile business tools, but with the right iPad business accessories you can make them even more useful whether you’re working around the office or out on the road.

Case in point

A sturdy case makes for a wise investment to protect your precious tablet from rough and tumble. However, you should also look for extra features to help make you more productive.

Some cases are extra sturdy, designed to protect against water and dust as well as bumps and scratches. They also feature large handles to make it easy to keep a tight grip on your tablet, along with connectors on the back for attaching to a hands-free mount.

Others feature a flexible stand for resting the iPad on any angle, which is useful when you’re working or running presentations. Others have a built-in wireless keyboard, which comes in handy for writing long reports if you’re not satisfied with bashing away at the onscreen keyboard. Alternatively, you might buy a separate Bluetooth keyboard designed to work with iGadgets.

You’ll also find leather folio iPad cases that open to reveal a notepad and pen – or a stylus – along with room for paper documents and business cards. Other cases turns your iPad into a Moleskine-looking notebook, complete with a front strap.

Take a stand

If the kickstand on your iPad case isn’t up to the job you’ll find a wide range of external stands.

Some are designed to hold your tablet upright during presentations, or while you read from the screen. You’ll also find stands with an articulated arm to attach to your desk. These let you use the iPad as a secondary display while you work at your computer.

Others stands sit on your front counter or stand in your foyer. They turn an iPad into an interactive kiosk for staff and visitors.

Down to business

With the right hardware and software you can turn your iPad into a full Point of Sale system, with the ability to accept payments on the go or use the tablet to run a backroom stocktake.

Several banks offer card readers for the iPad, letting you accept chip and pin transactions as well as swipe and go contactless payments from smartphones as well as payWave and PayPass credit cards.

Alternatively, you might look to a third-party payment service like Square or PayPal Here. You can email customers a receipt directly from the device or else connect to a portable receipt printer. You’ll also find handheld barcode scanners that support iOS, as well as scanners built into iPad and iPhone cases.

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