5 Tips to Creating Effective Advertising Strategies

Knowing how to advertise your business effectively is the key to enduring success. From established businesses that wish to implement new advertising strategies, to start-ups seeking to springboard off of an effective advertising campaign, learning how to correctly market your business is invaluable. Here are five top tips to create an effective marketing strategy…

5 tips to creating effective advertising strategies

1. Start with who not how

When first considering a new advertising strategy, rather than asking how to advertise your business, instead ask who you should be trying to reach. Creating generic adverts that do not target a specific audience often results in bland campaigns that are less effective than those that target a specific demographic. It is important at this stage to consider the style of your campaign, what language to use and where to place your advert to best appeal to your target market.

2. Good doesn’t equal expensive

Being cost-effective does not stop you from creating effective advertising. Often, large companies can spend huge sums of money on an advertising campaign that fails to make a comparative impact. And of course, a campaign that doesn’t recoup its own costs is a failed campaign. Well-executed, inexpensive ideas can drive vast amounts of social traffic. Try to think outside the box and be savvy. For example, if you’re launching a product with an event, you can hire display tech like video walls that will bring down costs. Similarly, renting a VR system that can be used in demonstrations, so clients can experience your product, presents your company as being ahead of the curve for a minimal cost.

3. Establish a coordinator

What may at first be considered a brilliant advertising strategy to you and your team can get lost as stakeholders from across the company get involved. Cliches are cliches for a reason; too many chefs do indeed spoil the broth. It’s important to have a clear agenda and a nominated individual to take responsibility for signing off on processes and content. Certainly, seek feedback from the wider team. However, make sure it’s implemented coherently by channelling it through one person.

4. Don’t lose sight of the message

There is a temptation when devising a campaign to try and replicate a successful advert released by a different brand. Indeed, you should be aware of your competitors. However, don’t get lost in being ‘cutting edge’ or producing content for the sake of content’s sake. Make sure to test your advertising strategies before they are deployed and record quantifiable data regarding the advert’s functionality, the audience’s enjoyment, and their likelihood to purchase the product.

5. It’s a marathon, not a race

Consistent advertising strategies are markedly more effective than those that overhaul the previous stage with each instalment. Be confident with your branding. Don’t change your tagline or colour scheme with each advert. Try to tell a consistent story that relates to your brand. After all, if you are confident in your brand identity, this will shine through to your customers.

The launch of an effective advertising strategy will propel your business to the next level.  ‘Just Do It’ it is a great advertising slogan that helped make Nike the largest sports company in the world. However, ‘Think and Plan’ is a great way to approach your advertising campaign. Take a bit of time to think about these five tips, be bold and innovative, and you’ll soon be on your way.


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