Benefits of laptop hire for your company

Is your business in need of some new laptops for meetings, training sessions, events and conferences? If so, ask yourself a question: should we rent laptops rather than buy them or use all or some of your own internal equipment?

While companies are used to investing resources in fully-fledged computer suites, increasingly, IT departments, facilities managers, events managers, PAs and HR managers are switching to laptop rental rather than buying the products outright.

Why? As we explain below, renting a MacBook Pro, HP Probook, Lenovo Thinkpad or other laptop or notebook can be a cost-effective, viable and flexible way of leveraging technology as and when you need it.

Laptop for hirePhoto by Seth schwiet

Should you rent or buy your laptops?

Here are the benefits of laptop hire for your company.

  • Keep up-to-date – laptop rental ensures your laptops don’t become obsolete. Choose a short laptop rental contract and you’ll be hiring the best, most up-to-date models. And when the rental ends, you’re free to upgrade to a better model.
  • Rent according to need – some companies buy laptops only to find them gathering dust. But if you rent a laptop, you rent only when you need it for a specific purpose: client meeting, training session, special event.
  • Expense control – with laptop hire you will make a regular monthly payment to a laptop hire provider. This gives you much better visibility over your expenditure and allows you to budget much more effectively.
  • No deposit – with laptop rental you are unlikely to have to shell out for a downpayment, as you would if you bought laptops outright. This gives you flexibility and allows you to rent equipment easily.
  • Stay ahead – rent the latest laptops and benefit from the latest technology, from voice-over-internet-protocol phone systems that allow you to do calls for free to sophisticated graphics cards that add pizazz to your presentations.
  • It can be cheaper – depending on the terms of your laptop rental contract, laptop hire can be cheaper than buying outright. If you’re able to rent a laptop for a short period of time, it could be way cheaper than investing.
  • Keep up with the changing workforce – today’s workers are increasingly on the move, working from home, coffee shops and shared working spaces. If you have a flexible workforce, laptop rental is a great way to keep them connected to the office.
  • Maximise space – if you buy laptops you need to find somewhere to store them. But if you rent a MacBook or other laptop you only need to accommodate them temporarily, giving you extra space when you’re not using laptop hire.
  • Don’t lose value – IT equipment devalues over time, so if you buy a bunch of laptops you will only see their value fall. Rental, on the other hand, allows you to maximise your money.

Apple desktop for hirePhoto by Alesia Kazantceva

Best laptops to rent at the moment

Looking to rent a laptop? Here are three of our favourites that are available to hire right now from three of the leading laptop makers: Apple, Dell and HP.

Apple MacBook Pro 15 Inch Notebook with Retina Display

Rent this MacBook and enjoy one of the best machines on the market.

  • Powerful i7 Quad Core CPU
  • 16GB RAM
  • 2560×1600 pixel Retina Display – great for presentations
  • 7-hour run time

Dell Latitude 3750 Notebook Computer

This Dell laptop is the perfect all-rounder.

  • Compact and lightweight, easy to carry around
  • Intel Core I7 CPU
  • Nvidia 920M video chip with 2GB video RAM along
  • 256GB solid state drive

HP ProBook 450 G2 1080P Notebook

This HP ProBook is perfect for intensive applications and is packed full of the latest tech.

  • Powerful i7 CPU
  • 16GB RAM
  • 256GB solid state drive for storage
  • latest connectivity options including USB 3, gigabit Ethernet and dual band wifi

The next time you decide you need some new laptops or other computing equipment, do give laptop hire some serious consideration. Even for the largest businesses, renting laptops can be a more cost-effective and flexible way of leveraging technology than making a large upfront investment. Check out our full range of laptops for hire.

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