LED Poster Board

More than just a digital poster, the LED Poster Board offers a range of functionality and flexibility making it an ideal candidate for all manner of display solutions beyond a basic digital poster or digital sign. The ability for the individual boards to be joined horizontally and then distribute an image source across those joined screens combined with a manufacturing process that ensures consistent colour and contrast between individual panels make these a serious alternative to other large screen solutions such as LCD Video Walls and modular LED assemblies.

Each LED Poster Board has an integrated media player, supporting a range of digital picture and video formats making for quick and easy deployment of single poster setups. Alternatively, each poster board will accept an HDMI source from a laptop, media player or other suitable source device. This HDMI source can then be “Daisy-Chained” via the provided HDMI output on each poster to the next poster making multi-poster arrangements of up to four horizontally joined panels a breeze to configure when compared to the aforementioned LCD Video Walls and LED alternatives.

Like any LED display, the pixel density is far lower than LCD displays but at 2mm pixel pitch (2p), the LED Poster Board offers very respectable image quality when compared to other LED display options in the market and the compromise on resolution against LCD is more than made up for by the brightness and colour depth of the image – LED displays are typically the only option for situations where the display is exposed to direct or indirect sunlight and although these Poster Boards are not weatherproof, if provided with suitable shelter will be visible in even the brightest environments.

While these LED Poster Boards are designed to be free standing and are provided with a handy floor stand, other mounting options exist for both single and multi-poster installations with wall and floor standing/truss install solutions available.

Speak to one of our friendly technology specialists to ensure an amazing viewing experience, using our dynamic range of LED Screens and Video Walls. If you require sound for your event along with this product, consider rental of an external speaker solution.

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  • Pre-configured devices, tailored to meet your needs
    Pre-configured devices, tailored to meet your needs
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    Flexible & efficient delivery options
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    Nationwide set-up with ongoing tech support
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    Devices serviced or replaced in less than 24 hours

Technical Specifications

  • Model: LED Poster Board
  • External Dimensions (WxHxD): Without Stand: 776x1930x45mm x 46Kg
  • Display Size: 768x1920mm
  • Resolution: 384x960 Pixels (2DP)
  • Connectivity: 1 x HDMI input, 1 x HDMI output (For Daisy Chain), Wired and Wireless Ethernet
  • Mounting Options: Floor Stand, Wall Bracket, Truss Bracket (50mm)
  • Speakers: None
  • Features: Integrated Media/Digital Signage Player, Daisy chain up to 4 screens

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