Giant iTab Smartphone

Giant but Familiar

The Giant iTab range of interactive touch displays provide the familiar and easy of operation of a smartphone or tablet in a giant format making it the perfect solution for large scale demostration of mobile applications and presentation of content designed for mobile devices. The Giant iTab is also perfect for delivery of interactive content at trade shows and events where the familiar interface of a smartphone can deliver advanced control to anyone who has operated a smartphone or tablet.


Available with a choice of operating systems, the Giant iTab is able to emulate all the most popular smartphones and tablets including Apples iPhone and iPad, Gooogle Android based devices and those which utilise Windows such as Microsofts Surface devices. Interactive operation is per the installed operating system of choice with all functions and controls exactly matching those used in IOS, Android or Windows touch environments. 

The Giant iTab is available from Hire Intelligence in three sizes to suit all manner of applications, the 27" Giant iTab, 42" Giant iTab and the enormous 55" Giant iTab. All three include a 10 point projective-cpacitive touch screen allowing crisp and precise control despite the size, the exact same technology used in all top end smartphones and tablets which, when scaled up, actually allows for more control and interactivity due to the expansive screen. 10 point touch can cater for multi-finger gestures and controls, or use of applications designed for multiple user input. Additionally, a forward facing camera is provided which can be utilised for Android and Windows applications that require the camera such as the countless communication and telepresence applications available on the Google Play Store and Microsoft Store.


Unlike other solutions that simply mirror the screen of and provide touch inputs back to an actual smartphone or tablet hidden in the back, the Giant iTab runs from more powerful hardware which provides for precise and instant control, even at such a large scale and provides an experience exactly as a user would expect to see on the latest smartphone or tablet. This hardware can be supplied with Apples IOS and your choice of applications or Google Android or Microsoft Windows pre loaded with your choice of applications or you can install applications from the Google Play Store or Microsoft store as you would on any regular size smartphone or tablet.

Innovative and Practical

All Giant iTabs are enclosed in a custom built housing designed to look and feel like a premium smartphone and feature a white fsacia featuring openings for the camera and speakers and then surrounded by a brushed aluminium bezel. Replicated volume and power buttons round out the effect. The 27" units are supplied with a desk stand which offers pivot and tilt functions allowing both landscape and portrait orientation and operation along with adjustability for users of any height. The larger displays feature floor stands with the same adjustability.

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