Rent a Samsung Custom Video Wall from Hire Intelligence

For those looking to achieve something out of the ordinary, Hire Intelligence can deliver with the Samsung Custom Video Wall. Made up of any number of horizontal rows and vertical columns of Samsungs UE55 Series 55" panels, all manner of display sizes and configurations are possible.

When used with the inbuilt daisy-chain video wall functionality, the content provided to the Samsung Custom Video Wall needs to be 1920x1080 pixels formatted to the aspect ratio of the assembled video wall but when driven by a dedicated, multi GPU the total resolution of the combined displays can be utilised which will only add to the effect. 

The simplest custom configurations are achieved by utilising multiple configurations of the 2x2 and 3x3 standard video walls Hire Intelligence has for rent, eg two 3x3 walls side by side would yield a very impressive 6x3 wall. Four 2x2's side by side would yield an 8x2 strip. Also possible are single row and column video walls as is portrait orientation displays to achieve even the most unusual screen dimensions. 

Inputs for the Samsung Custom Video Wall, like all other Samsung video wall offerings from Hire Intelligence are HDMI, DisplayPort and DVI-D with the "daisy chain" interconnection done via DisplayPort. The UE55 55" Panels used also feature network control for ease of operation of multiple panels and the video wall functionality is built into the displays, no external controller is required regardless of the video wall arrangement.

  • Samsung Custom Video Wall
  • Samsung Custom Video Wall
  • Samsung Custom Video Wall
  • Samsung Custom Video Wall
  • Samsung Custom Video Wall
  • Samsung Custom Video Wall
  • Samsung Custom Video Wall
  • Samsung Custom Video Wall



Samsung Custom Video Wall

External Dimensions: (WxHxD):

Multiples of Single UE55 Display 1223x694x~140mm x ~20KG (Including Mounting Bracket)

Display Size:

Varies dependant on configuration


FullHD 1920x1080 via Daisy Chain/Split input


HDMI, DVI-D, DisplayPort 1.2, Component Video, DisplaPort 1.2 Loop-Out

Mounting Options:

Floor Stand, Wall Bracket, Truss Bracket (50mm)


2 x Integrated 10W Full Range


Integrated Video Wall Function, Bezel Compensation, WiFi

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