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RF Remote Presenter with Laser Pointer

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The RF Remote Presenter with Laser Pointer provides a presenter with the flexibility to control their presentation while being able to move around. This hand-held device is cable-free so the presenter can move away from the computer or podium to advance slides and play content for their presentation.

Unlike infrared connected remote technology of the past, all the RF Remote Presenter with Laser Pointer for hire possess updated laser technology that uses the same 2.4GHz radio frequency (RF) output as a Wifi network. This means that your hired laser pointer will have a dedicated, secure and interference-free link between the device and your computer. The laser pointer connects to the USB receiver link that is plugged into the computer running the presentation. This will keep your laser pointer connected during important presentations for seamless delivery!

Our lasers emit an extremely bright light so they can be clearly visible on the displays being used. Also included with your laser pointer order is the option of renting units with the normal red and also a green laser output. For added convenience, each RF Remote Presenter with Laser Pointer comes with its paired receiver and a soft carry pouch.

This product works with both Windows and Mac operating systems. We also rent additional laser products that possess a variety of additional features, such as presentation timer mode for those requiring that functionality. As with all our rental options, you can rent laser pointers for a few days, weeks or even years. RF Remote Presenter with Laser Pointer.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: RF Remote Presenter with Laser Pointer
  • Connection: 2.4GHz RF to USB connected Reciever
  • Compatibility: All Windows and Mac PC's with available USB Port
  • Features: Slide Advance/Reverse buttons, Red or Green Laser Available, Optional Presentation Counter

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