While monitors are predominantly black in colour there will be times when an alternative rental option is called for. Be it due to a design or aesthetic requirement at a trade show or exhibition or a need to comply with medical standards in a healthcare environment. This is where the BenQ GL2450HT White 24 Inch LCD Monitor will fit the bill. 

The BenQ GL2450HT White 24 Inch LCD Monitor offers all the features and functionality of its black counterpart (Also available to rent from Hire Intelligence, Click here for details) and includes a convenient Pivot, Tilt, Swivel and Height Adjustable stand which is also removable allowing for wall mounting or use with multi-display solutions via it's 100x100mm VESA Adapter. Inputs are also plentiful with seperate VGA, DVI-D and HDMI inputs all available. To round things out, the BenQ GL2450HT White 24 Inch LCD Monitor also includes a pair of stereo speakers so this is truly a capable display in it's own right.

Of course, the big differentiator for the BenQ GL2450HT White 24 Inch LCD Monitor is that it is white. Not the off-white/beige colour traditionally associated with IT equipment from the last century but a nice, clean neutral white which will fit with any light coloured theme. Of course Hire Intelligence also carrys matching white peripherals in the form of white Keyboards and Mice from Microsoft. 

  • BenQ GL2450HT White 24 Inch LCD Monitor



BenQ GL2450HT White 24 Inch LCD Monitor

External Dimensions (WxHxD):

579x502x213mm x 5.1Kg (Max Height)


1920x1080 pixel Native


VGA, DVI-D, HDMI, 3.5mm


Removeable (100x100 VESA) with Tilt, Pivot, Height Adjust


Stereo 2Wx2


White Colour

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