Long Term Rentals

Hire Intelligence caters for your rental needs from as short as a day or for as long as 24 months. So if you are looking for the ongoing rental of technology for your office, Hire Intelligence can help. Clients find it convenient to rent their desktops or notebooks for a year with the flexibility to update to the latest technology easily and efficiently. This removes the need to worry about the disposal of old equipment or making a large capital outlay for the new equipment.

Long term rentals

We can also tailor a Rent to Buy plan to suit your needs. This gives you the option to buy out the equipment at the completion of your 12 months rental period. Alternatively, you can return the equipment to us and update to the latest equipment for a further 12 months!

Browse our site to see a selection of our extensive rental equipment available for long-term rental.

Do you have a long-term rental need? Consult your nearest Hire Intelligence!

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