Laptop Troubleshooting

The following downloads, links and general information have been provided to help you if you are having trouble with your equipment. If this doesn’t answer your query please get in touch on 0845 600 7272 and we’ll be happy to help you.

PC Notebook Troubleshooting :

The PC laptop that I have on rent is showing one of the below messages on boot up. How do I resolve this?
Fix: Download the most recent license information and updates by connecting the laptop to the internet.
Laptop troubleshooting

The laptop I have hired does not seem to be properly connecting to my work/corporate network :

There are a number of ways that corporate networks can be set up. Consequently it is usually not as simple as connecting a new laptop and having it work straight away. Your network administrator or IT Manager should be able to assist in setting up your hired laptop to work at your workplace.

I hired a wireless notebook but for some reason I’m unable to connect to the internet. How come?

Just like a corporate network, a wireless network needs to be configured by the person that manages the IT that you are trying to connect to.

The alternative might be a wireless internet service run via a 3G or 4G mobile phone network which must be sourced through a 3rd party that provides this service.

The laptop I have rented works well but after a period of time on battery it won’t turn on anymore. What is wrong?

Normally this is because the battery has run flat. Please plug it into the AC Adapter that we supplied and give the battery time to charge. If this doesn’t work please call us on 0845 600 7272.

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