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To maximise the impact of any TV rental, mounting location is everything. That's where the Big City LCD TV Floor Stand comes in. Offering the versatility to allow even the largest LCD TV's to be mounted at any height on the 2m tall stand quickly and securely, the Big City LCD TV Floor Stand is otherwise unassuming leaving the focus on the display where it should be.

The Big City LCD TV Floor Stand is provided for rent with an optional shelf to suit a notebook or other playback device such as a gaming console. Also provided with each hire is a black "sock" cover through which cables can be routed further enhhancing the seamless look of the stand. 

Also possible with the Big City LCD TV Floor Stand is the mounting of multiple TV's either one above the other or on opposite sides of the stand. TV's also can be mounted in either landscape or portrait orientation on the Big City LCD TV Floor Stand.

  • Big City LCD TV Floor Stand



Big City LCD TV Floor Stand


All Plasma/LED/LCD TV 26" to 75"


900x2000x600mm (WxHxD)


Black Textile Cover, Adjustable Mounting Height, Mount Multiple Screens


Notebook Shelf, Universal Monitor Mounting Bracket

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