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Hiring a PA system for your event can seem daunting but Hire Intelligence have selected a range of equipment to simplify the process and will be able to supply a solution suited to your needs after a brief discussion with our sales staff.

At its core, a PA package will consist of Microphones to capture the audio, a Mixer to adjust volume and other sound qualities before output, an Amplifier to increase the volume of the sound received from the microphones via the mixer and Speakers to reproduce the amplified sound. Our staff will select the correct products for your needs based such factors as the number and type of microphone users (Eg seated/standing/roaming), size of the audience and size of the space.

Hire Intelligence offers equipment that further simplifies these equations, for example our Mipro MA707 and MA708 PA systems actually offer all of these components in a single self contained device – two or four radio microphones, a mixer, amplifier and speaker all in an easily portable package complete with wheels and pull handle that’s not much bigger than a piece of luggage you could take carry-on on the plane.

For larger solutions, simplicity of the equipment is still key. The Turbosound Speakers we offer each feature an integrated amplifier and a “Daisy Chain” output – this removes the amplifier as a separate component and the complexity of the setup as the first speaker can be connected to the source and the next speaker connected to the first and so forth around a room/park/stadium, unlike a solution with a separate amplifier which would require a cable from each speaker back to the amplifier.

There are many Microphone options but essentially these boil down to two types – Fixed Mics that are cabled to the mixer such as desk, floor or a gooseneck mic for a Lectern or Roaming “Radio” microphones which are available in Handheld or Beltpack type that offer Lapel mics that can be clipped to a shirt or collar and Headset types made popular by certain pop-stars in the 80’s. Also available for rental are a range of accessories for use with the microphones – Desk Stand, Floor Stands and of course Lecterns.

The selection of a mixer simply comes down to the number of microphones and additional inputs (Eg music from an iPod or audio feed from a laptop) are required and whether an audio feed back to a computer is required for recording or use in  conferencing applications such as Zoom, Teams or Skype. As an example, our Marantz Sound Live 8 Mixer supports this PC connectivity and will support up to four microphones and two stereo audio sources.

Any package from Hire Intelligence is supplied with all required cabling and accessories based on your discussion with the sales team and can be installed by our technicians or supplied for self install with assistance just a phone call away.

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  • Pre-configured devices, tailored to meet your needs
    Pre-configured devices, tailored to meet your needs
  • Flexible & efficient delivery options
    Flexible & efficient delivery options
  • Nationwide set-up with ongoing tech support
    Nationwide set-up with ongoing tech support
  • Devices serviced or replaced in less than 24 hours
    Devices serviced or replaced in less than 24 hours

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