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LTO-4 External Tape Drive

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The LTO-4 External Tape Drive will read and write LTO-4 tapes offering an uncompressed capacity of 800GB on a single tape and up to 1.6TB compressed capacity.It will suit rental applications where backing up data to media with excellent long term data integrity is important or applications where recovering data previously backed up is necessary.

Backwards read compatible with earlier incarnations of the LTO standard, the LTO-4 External Tape Drive can read tapes backed up on LTO-3, LTO-2 and LTO-1 (LTO) devices making it useful for those with a need to restore from media which has been backed up via unknown hardware.

For backup or data storage applications, the LTO-4 External Tape Drive offers 15-30 years of data integrity if tapes are stored correctly making it useful for backing up critical data.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: LTO-4 External Tape Drive
  • Capacity: 800GB Uncompressed/1.6TB Compressed
  • Connectivity: Ultra160 SCSI2 (68P HD Connector) or SAS models available
  • Compatibility: Read LTO-1, LTO-2, LTO-3 Media
  • Speed: 140MB/Sec Uncompressed
  • Features: RFID Tape ID System

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