HTC VIVE Mars Camtrack

The HTC Vive Mars Camtrack allows the creation of a Virtual Production Studios using HTC’s VIVE Tracker and Steam VR Base Station devices to track up to 3 Cameras in an Unreal Virtual  Studio Space. The system supports tracking areas of up to 10m x 10m.

The kit comprises two trackers with an optional third. These are each paired with a “Rover” which provides the connection to send tracking data back to the Mars main unit.  These Tracker/Rover combinations are attached to the camera/cameras via a 1/4 inch screw fitting, allowing tracking in the virtual space. The kit also includes a calibration tool allowing the collection of camera calibration data for import into Unreal Engine.

To facilitate the tracking environment, the two Steam VR Base Stations can be expanded to four to ensure proper tracking in the maximum 10m x 10m area.

The below diagram details the basic Hardware setup.

Htc vive mars camtrack

Hire Intelligence offers the HTC VIVE Mars Camtrack for rental along with accessories such as extra trackers and base stations as well as stands for base stations if required. Also available to rent are PC workstations compatible with the Unreal Engine and able to be configured for maximum performance utilising Nvidias, RTX, Quadro and Tesla GPU’s.

Check out this video from HTC outlining the features and functions of the HTC VIVE Mars Camtrack system.

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    Flexible & efficient delivery options
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    Nationwide set-up with ongoing tech support
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    Devices serviced or replaced in less than 24 hours

Technical Specifications

  • Model: HTC VIVE Mars Camtrack
  • Compatibility: Unreal Engine, Any suitable camera
  • Included Components: 2 x VIVE Tracker, 2 x Steam VR Base Station, 3 x Rovers, Mars Module
  • Features: Real World Camera Tracking for Virtual Environments
  • Options: Additional Trackers and Base Stations

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