The Giant iTab 27 inch presents as an oversized smartphone able to replicate practically any mobile device operating system including Android, IOS and Windows. This makes for an intuitive and familiar user experience allowing for demonstration of applications and implementation of interactive content in a way that end users are already intimately familiar with.

Able to be used in either landscape or portrait orientations, the Giant iTab 27 inch features a 10 point multi-touch projected-capacitive touch interface enabling it to exactly replicate the control inputs used on a smartphone or tablet including all touch, drag and multi-touch controls. Further to this, the Giant iTab 27 inch also features a built in web camera which can be utilised in any communication or other applications that use the forward facing camera on a regular smartphone (Currently only supported in Android and Windows configurations).

The Giant iTab 27 inch runs native versions of Android or Windows and, unlike other solutions, operates as a true standalone device, not needing to rely on an interconnected smartphone or tablet. As such, the Giant iTab 27 inch (And the 42 inch and 55 inch Giant iTabs also available to rent from Hire Intelligence) are able to utilise any free or paid applications available through Google Play or the Windows Marketplace. An IOS version of the Giant iTab is also available but your applications must be pre-loaded prior to delivery.

The Giant iTab 27 inch includes an enclosure which is designed to replicate the look of a smartphone and which includes a desk stand offering pivot and tilt functions to suit landscape and portrait applications for users of any height.

  • Giant iTab 27 Inch SmartPhone Interactive Display



Giant iTab 27 Inch SmartPhone Interactive Display

External Dimensions (WxHxD):

Without Stand: 442x810x70mm 

Display Size:

27 inch/686mm Measured Diagonally


FullHD 1920x1080 pixel Native


Built-in Android, IOS or Windows Operation System with Wifi (Can be connected to 4G)

Mounting Options:

Desk Stand, Wall Bracket


2 x Integrated 10W Full Range


Integrated 10 Point MultiTouch Display, Custom SmartPhone Enclosure, Front Camera, Google Play Store or Microsoft Store

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