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Oculus Quest Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

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The Oculus Quest is the most advanced standalone Virtual Reality system, operating completely independently of a PC, with only an Android or Apple mobile phone required for initial setup.

Building upon the functionality of the Oculus Go Standalone headest, the Quest offers improved graphics and tracking as well as the inclusion of Oculus’ excellent touch controllers resulting in a virtual reality experience approaching what is possible with the more advanced Rift and HTC Vive solutions but without the hindrance of a cable connection.

With literally thousands of VR games and other immersive applications available from the Oculus store as well as the potential for users to develop bespoke experiences for such applications as training, virtual tours, interactive meeting spaces and more.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: Oculus Quest Standalon Virtual Reality System
  • Included Components: Headset, 2 x Touch Controllers, Carry Case
  • Features: Advanced low latency displays and sensors, Fully Adjustable Headset
  • Options: Pre-loaded applications

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