Training (notebooks)

When Pepsi Co required 170 notebooks for a significant training exercise across Australia & New Zealand, they chose Hire Intelligence after a lengthy tender process. We were awarded the contract based on the key criteria of reputation, reliability, new quality hardware and financial stability.

In the words of the HR Advisor at Pepsi Co:

“For the last 2 years we worked on a large scale training project, which required a large numbers of computers to be used in New Zealand and Australia (8 sites located in nearly every state). Our requirements changed a lot during the preparation as well as implementation period of the project. You were always flexible and accommodating with all our last minute changes. I have to say you were willing to do whatever it took to get the job done. Thanks to your dependability and standard of excellence, our training roll out was a success. It was my absolute delight to work with the customer service team who provided an exceptional service and I could not have managed without them.
I just want to take a few moments to say THANK YOU to Hire Intelligence. You have done a great job by us”

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