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When the Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) was looking for an IT partner to assist in managing their 2008 elections, it was Hire Intelligence who was awarded the tender. A total of 90 laptops, 249 desktop/monitors & 60 dual print network printers (each with 3 trays) for a 6 week period were pre-imaged and rolled out across the State. The efficiency of the Hire Intelligence team resulted in the WAEC Daylight Savings Referendum IT requirements (252 laptops, 195 desktops & 62 printers for a 5 week period) also being fulfilled by us. Four years later, we were at it again, providing the 200+ desktops, 65 laptops and 70 printers required for the head office and multiple polling stations around the State in March 2013.

APEC ’07, World Youth Day ’08. CHOGM ’11, G20 ‘14: – you name it, if there is a high profile political event requiring quality equipment & services from a reputable rental organsiation that never settles for anything but the best, Hire Intelligence will be present and accountable! In all these instances Hire Intelligence were selected by the event organizers/associations (for the IT gear required for the high profile Media centres, and in G20’s case for the TV’s in the main arena) and multiple country embassies/ foreign government delegations to provide solutions for their temporary offices located in a variety of 4 and 5 star hotels around each City. Yes, representatives of the Palace, the Pope, and the US President have used our hardware!

Supplying, installing & maintaining a wide variety of computer, printing and office equipment for foreign government delegations involved a high degree of sensitivity and attention to detail (think multiple non-English Microsoft Windows installs and foreign keyboards and power adapters) to ensure a smooth delivery process as well as an acute awareness of security requirements both during and after the rentals. All Hire Intelligence technical staff had to gain police clearance and accreditation to move around the cities. It was also of the utmost importance that the equipment be of the highest quality to ensure there was no unnecessary downtime due to hardware malfunction as accessing the equipment during lock-down periods was impossible.

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