Polished Man

The Polished Man Gala

Hire Intelligence put in a suitably polished performance when asked to provide a virtual reality experience for the Polished Man gala.

The gala is a charity event hosted by YGAP to bring awareness to the plight of poverty and how it potentially leads to violence towards children.

As a major fundraising event, it was vital that the evening’s entertainment was flawless, so YGAP contacted Hire Intelligence to provide a cinema full of virtual reality headsets.

The crowd, dressed in black tie and ballgowns, were then invited to enjoy a virtual reality experience like no other.

What they watched was a film by content specialists Affect, allowing them to use the virtual reality experience to better understand the issue of violence against children – and how the money raised so far has made an impact.

From South Africa, to New York, and Australia – the effects are global. You can see the videos for yourself here: https://polishedman.com/page/vr

The $122,000 in funds raised through Polished Man gala will be channeled into trauma recovery and trauma prevention programs for children who have suffered or are at risk of suffering violence globally.

We’re proud to have been involved.

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