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Add a touch of class to your next event with our curtain and drape solutions. These have both practical and aesthetic applications for events and presentations where they can be used to block unsightly walls or to eliminate visual “noise” around a presenter or other visual element enhancing focus. They can also be used to block windows and other light sources where necessary.

Made from a heavy black velvet material and available in a variety of lengths and 3m Heigh along with a height adjustable free standing mounting system, these curtains and drapes can be tailored to practically any requirement.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: Curtains and Drapes
  • Dimensions: 3.15m, 3.75m and 6.25m Widths x 3.0m High
  • Support Frame: 1.8m - 4.2m Free Standig Support Poles with Hanging rods

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