When corporations set up training sessions for their employees, it might be possible they don’t have the right equipment in-house for the session. In this case, the company can buy or rent corporate training equipment to fulfill their needs.

Buying new equipment may be the best option in specific circumstances, but it’s always a good idea for a corporation to first try out the equipment. This can be done by renting it a few times to help analyze the type of capabilities and features the business needs in the equipment. This will allow the company to make a better informed decision down the road.

In some other instances, renting out might be the best option. This is especially true if a piece of equipment malfunctions at the last moment. Running to your local electronic store to buy equipment may not be the best strategy in such a case as without taking the time to research properly you may end up with piece of equipment that is not ideal for your needs or you may overpay since you haven’t researched the market thoroughly. 

What people are saying about Hire Intelligence

  • In a competitive media world, the pressure on  IT groups to perform and produce results are high.  Time is money and lack of delivery by us, can result in poor ratings, consumer switching to other networks and advertisers following in suit.  Part of the solution to get an edge on the competitors, are to cement relationships with IT vendors so that both parties have an understanding of business requirements, expectations and look for a ROI on the service or purchase.

    Hire Intelligence are one of Channel 7's important IT partners who provide IT hire equipment and services to our media network throughout Australia.  They continually "make it happen" at the last minute, with a personalised service, that ensures end user requirements are meet. This is often "same" day throughout Australia and usually is a large number of hires.  We have never experienced the word "no" to a request.  These requests can include non standard boxes which Hire do not provide and they can still provide delivery of the product, within a very short timeframe.  Hire Intelligence also have excellent technical support on their equipment and a management team who are not just "sales people", who oversee the entire order from quote to delivery.  I have no hesitation in the recommendation of Hire Intelligence as an excellent partner and supplier of IT Hire equipment and services to you.

    – Seven Network

  • I work for Microsoft here in Sydney. I asked my colleagues for a good place to hire a laptop for a few weeks, and about ten people got back to me in minutes to say that "Hire Intelligence" was well-known and a regular, reliable supplier to Microsoft. Many thanks for your help; I will certainly recommend Hire Intelligence very highly to friends and colleagues


  • I would like to thank you and your colleagues for the rental of the laptops. They are part of a very important project for us and they went like a dream.

    John Fairfax Holdings Ltd

  • Very good level of customer service overall, Hire Intelligence presents as a well organised, prompt and efficient business. We would use your services again and would recommend you to others.

    Bounce Rehab

  • Was pleasantly surprised with the speed of response and efficient handling of our queries. Thank you!

    Watermark Search International

  • The requirements I requested were met to the letter, you by far exceeded what any other supplier nationally had provided for us this year. I will be coming back to you and recommending you to my colleagues and clients.

    Staging Connections

  • The sales people were very helpful as I needed equipment at 17h15 on a Friday and they waited until I was able to pick up the equipment at 18h10! Very much appreciated.

    Skin & Cancer Foundation

  • We chose Hire Intelligence over another hire company with a slightly lower quote as your company came across as professional and organised. Response and service was quick and easy.

    ATIC Services International

  • The professionalism and commitment you displayed in dealing with me was credible, and is something I wish to recognise. I will ensure that for any up-coming IT needs, Hire Intelligence will be my first port of call.

    Bethany College

  • Thank you for your excellent professional service and support for the recent 3rd Australasian Course on Capsule Endoscopy. It was a most successful day and everything worked perfectly. The delegates were impressed with the technology used and we were impressed with the high level of service you and Hire Intelligence provided.

    Given Imaging Ltd

Case Study

  • Training (servers)

    One of the world's largest business solutions provider (through their broad portfolio of document technology, services, software and supplies) needed a robust server environment for simulating multiple scenarios their own analysts may encounter through the use of their latest document management software solution while consulting with their end users, naturally they turned to Hire Intelligence for a solution.

    In order to train the analysts to be able to recommend, implement and then provide ongoing support for the right combination of products, the need arose to simulate multiple differing enterprise physical and virtual hardware environments.

    A wish list for a suitable training lab was produced with a request to supply for a 2 week training period. The requirement called for 16 servers running Microsoft 2012 R2, 9 x Physical and 7 x Virtual. Also required was all licensing and pre configuration for Active Directory, Hyper-V services, Exchange Server, Sharepoint Server and 7 x SQL Instances.

    Hewlett Packard Proliant servers were supplied for the physical hardware. Intel Xeon based 8 Core DL360 G8's for the training servers and a 48 Core AMD Opteron based DL585 G7 for the Hyper-V (Virtual) host. Each of the training machines was loaded with 2012 Server, Standard Edition for the training machines and Datacenter Edition for the Hyper-V host. A virtual network was configured within Hyper-V then bridged to the physical LAN. Seven virtual machines were built and also loaded with 2012 Server Standard Edition. From there, one physical machine was configured to host the Active Directory service, Exchange Server and Sharepoint Server as well as to provide DHCP and DNS services to all machines in the training lab. All machines were joined to the domain and one machine was configured to provide the required SQL instances.

    From there the lab was ready for deployment, and the training equipment delivered and installed at the client's training site so the training staff could finalise preparation of the lab.

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    Training (notebooks)

    When Pepsi Co required 170 notebooks for a significant training exercise across Australia & New Zealand, they chose Hire Intelligence after a lengthy tender process. We were awarded the contract based on the key criteria of reputation, reliability, new quality hardware and financial stability.

    In the words of the HR Advisor at Pepsi Co:

    “For the last 2 years we worked on a large scale training project, which required a large numbers of computers to be used in New Zealand and Australia (8 sites located in nearly every state). Our requirements changed a lot during the preparation as well as implementation period of the project. You were always flexible and accommodating with all our last minute changes. I have to say you were willing to do whatever it took to get the job done. Thanks to your dependability and standard of excellence, our training roll out was a success. It was my absolute delight to work with the customer service team who provided an exceptional service and I could not have managed without them. I just want to take a few moments to say THANK YOU to Hire Intelligence. You have done a great job by us”

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