The SDLT 600 External Tape Drive will suit rental applications where the backing up of up to 300GB of uncompressed or up to 600GB of compressed data is necessary. Alternatively, the SDLT 600 External Tape Drive will be of use to anyone looking to work with existing SDLT 600 or older SDLT media, specifically Type I and Type II SDLT Tape Cartridges produced by SDLT 220 and SDLT 320 hardware.

The SDLT 600 External Tape Drive is mainly suited to those looking to work with small numbers of tapes. In the case of larger workloads, Hire Intelligence can offer an SDLT 600 tape library able to read and write to two tapes simultaneously with an autochanger able to shuttle tapes from 26 internal slots. On its own, the SDLT 600 External Tape Drive offers relatively quick read/write speeds of up to 36 Megabytes a second (MB/s) meaning a full uncompressed tape can be processed in just under 2.5 hours. While this is not quick when compared to disk storage systems, the advantage of SDLT and other magnetic tapes is a storage life of up to 30 years if kept at the right conditions.

Connectivity is via Ultra160 SCSI2 using a 68pin HD connector. Hire Intelligence provides the SDLT 600 External Tape Drive with required cabling and termination hardware but also available to rent is suitable PCI-X and PCIe Host Bus Adapters for those users that may not have the required SCSI2 connection on their hardware.

  • SDLT 600 External Tape Drive



SDLT 600 External Tape Drive


300GB Uncompressed/600GB Compressed


Ultra160 SCSI2


Read SDLT 110, SDLT 320 Media


36MB/Sec Uncompressed



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