LTO-8 External Tape Drive Rental

The LTO-8 External Tape Drive offers a massive 12TB of uncompressed or 30TB of compressed data to be stored on a single magenetic tape. Considering this tape has a storage life, if kept in the right conditions, of 15-30 years, those looking to back up and store critical data should look no further.
Speed is also impressive with read/write speeds of up to 300 Megabytes per second (MB/s) possible.

The LTO 8 Tape Drive is backwards read compatible to LTO-6 and LTO-7 so will read compressed and uncompessed data from both types.
Like all LTO technologies, the LTO-8 External Tape Drive utilises an RFID system to simplify tape identification and media management. The RFID tag integrated into each tape can be written with various information regarding the tape and the data it contains. 
Connectivity is via Serial Attached SCSI 2 (SAS2). Hire Intelligence provides the LTO-8 External Tape Drive for rent along with the required SAS cables but can also supply suitable PCI-X or PCI Express Host Bus Adapters to suit those users whose hardware does not have a suitable connection already.

  • LTO-8 External Tape Drive



LTO-8 External Tape Drive


12TB Uncompressed/30TB Compressed


Serial Attached SCSI 2 (SAS2)


Read LTO-6, LTO-7 Media


300MB/Sec Uncompressed



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