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LTO-3 External Tape Drive

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While considered obsolete technology having now been superseded by no less than three generations of LTO technology, the LTO-3 External Tape Drive will still prove useful to those looking to back up a moderate amount of data to extremely robust storage media with an expected shelf life of 15-30 years or those looking to restore media previously backed up on LTO-3 or older LTO hardware.

Scenario’s leading to rental of the LTO-3 External Tape Drive typically involve a user having a need to restore data from archived backups and no longer having access to the hardware used to create them either due to it having been retired or having developed a fault through lack of use. Hire Intelligence maintains a fleet of LTO and other types of Tape backup hardware to assist in these situations.

Connectivity on the LTO-3 External Tape Drive is via Ultra160 SCSI2 and a 68pin HD cable which is included with the rental. For situations where connectivity is unavailable, Hire Intelligence also has a range of Host Bus Adapters available to rent allowing connection to any PC or server which will accept a PCI-X or PCI Express card.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: LTO-3 External Tape Drive
  • Capacity: 400GB Uncompressed/800GB Compressed
  • Connectivity: Ultra160 SCSI2 (68P HD Connector)
  • Compatibility: Read LTO-1, LTO-2 Media
  • Speed: 80MB/Sec Uncompressed
  • Features: RFID Tape ID System

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