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HP MSL2024 G2 LTO-7 Tape Library

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The HP MSL2024 G2 Tape Library combines an LTO-7 tape drive with a 24 slot autoloader system to offer unprecedented data handling when it comes to LTO-7 type storage media and will suit rental applications looking to either back up significant amounts of data to LTO-7 tapes or to work with large existing data sets of the same.

Each LTO-7 tape can store 6TB of uncompressed data and 15TB of compressed data making the total capacity of the HP MSL2024 G2 LTO-7 Tape Library a a massive 144TB uncompressed and up to 360TB where data is able to be compressed. That massive amount of data storage is all enclosed in a relatively compact 2RU rack mounting enclosure.

An RFID tape identification and information system is also incorporated into the HP MSL2024 G2 LTO-7 Tape Library with each drive able to identify tapes and their contents. Also included on the autoloaders shuttle is a barcode reader for reading tape labels by backup applications requiring it.

Data connectivity is via Serial Attached SCSI 2 (SAS2). Hire Intelligence includes a SAS “cable for connection. Autoloader and other library controls are via the onboard fast ethernet connection. For those without the necessary SAS connection, Hire Intelligence also has PCI-X and PCI Express Host Bus adapters avialable to rent.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: HP MSL2024 G2 LTO-7 Tape Library
  • Capacity: 144TB Uncompressed/360TB Compressed
  • Connectivity: Serial Attached SCSI 2 (SAS2)
  • Compatibility: Read LTO-5, LTO-6 Media
  • Speed: 300MB/Sec Uncompressed
  • Features: RFID Tape ID System, Barcode Reader

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