Hand Held USB CCD Barcode Scanner Rental

Sometimes it's important to keep things simple and when it comes to barcode scanning, the Hand Held USB CCD Barcode Scanner does just that. As the name suggests, the scanner is  held in the hand so a user simply aims it at a barcode, pulls the trigger and scans. Connection to the host is via a USB cable so there's no battery charging to worry about or Bluetooth connectivity problems to arise at an inopportune time. Simple.

The Hand Held USB CCD Barcode Scanner will recognise single dimensional barcodes such as Code 39, Code 128 etc and uses CCD technology. The CCD allows for trouble free scanning from all manner of materials including from the displays of Smartphones and Tablets without the issues some laser type scanners experience when scanning from particularly glossy screens. 

Supporting software is unnecessary, the scanner simply functions as a "keyboard wedge" converting a scanned code into a keysequence so will work with any application that uses a keyboard or keypad input. As an example, one popular rental application Hire Intelligence regularly encounters is the scanner being used with Microsoft Excel. Client will rent a laptop with Office pre installed and open Excel - scanning a code will result in the alphanumeric equivalent of the scanned code being entered into the active cell and then the cursor being moved to the cell below where the process can be repeated. A very simple way of performing such tasks as recording asset serial numbers or other similar tasks. Of course applications can be tailor made to work with barcode scanners and most will work well with the Hand Held USB CCD Barcode Scanner.


  • Hand Held USB CCD Barcode Scanner



Hand Held USB CCD Barcode Scanner


All Windows PC with USB


Scan Linear (1D) Barcodes, Code 11, 39, 93, 128, EAN, UPC etc


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