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For those presentations where a presenter wants to step out from behind the lectern using radio lapel or headset type mics or for those rental applications where additional audio is just not required, then the Lectern without Microphone is available to hire. 

Offering all the features of the Lectern with Microphone product except the through connected microphone ports and optional LED light, the Lectern without Microphone includes fabric covered panelling within it's strong aluminium frame suitable for the attachment of logo's or other printed event specific material. 

Adjustable feet mean the Lectern without Microphone can provide a stable presentation platform on any surface. Hire Intelligence has black frame/black panel and silver frame/black panel variants of the Lectern without Microphone available to rent.

  • Lectern without Microphone



Lectern Without Microphone


Black Frame with Black Panel or Silver Frame with Black Panel


Fabric Covered Panelling


Side Mounted Laptop Shelf

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