The 30PPM Multifunction A3 Photocopier (Black) will suit rental applications where reliability is a priority over speed and the need to print colour but where full functionality is also important, with printing, photocopying, scanning and fax functions all available.

Able to print and copy in monochrome  at up to 31 pages per minute, the 30PPM Multifunction A3 Photocopier (Black) offers network connectivity as well as direct connection via USB and also offers functions such as scan to USB, scan to network share, scan to email and more. 

Finishing options on the 30PPM Multifunction A3 Photocopier (Black) include stapling, hole punching, sorting and collating. Paper input is also impressive with four 500 sheet input trays plus the manual feed/multipurpose input tray able to handle an additional 100 pages. Each paper tray is configurable for paper sizes up to A3. High capacity trays can be configured paper up to A4 size in either landscape or portrait and this is how the 30PPM Multifunction A3 Photocopier (Black) achieves it's sorting and collating functions. By printing subsequent copies of a job from alternate trays, the finished copies are stacked in alternating orientations in the output tray and easily distingushed. This eliminates the need for the problematic side mounted collater/mailbox used by many other copiers where the need to maintain alignment between copier and finisher would result in many paper jams.

Like most A3 Copiers available to rent from Hire Intelligence, the 30PPM Multifunction A3 Photocopier (Black) also features an internal finisher which handles stapling and hole punch functions inside the main copier unit, again eliminating the need for external mounted finishing hardware and the inherent problems that come along with it.

Also available from Hire Intelligence is the 30PPM Multifunction A3 Photocopier (Colour) which offers all the same functionality but also add's the ability to print and copy in colour.  

  • 30PPM Multifunction A3 Photocopier (Black)



30PPM Multifunction A3 Photocopier (Black)



Media Size (Min/Max):


Media Weight (Min/Max):

55/256GSM (MP Tray Only)


Up to 31 pages/minute

Paper Input Trays:

MP/Tray1 (100 Sheet), Tray2 (500 Sheet), Tray3 (500 Sheet), Tray4 (500 Sheet), Tray5 (500 Sheet)


USB2, Ethernet

Dimensions (WxDxH):

620x695x1130mm x 122KG


K (Black) Toner Cartridge, Staples, (C,M,Y Toners installed but colour disabled)


LCD Touch Screen, Staple/Punch/Sort Finishing, Scan to Network, Scan To Email, Scan to USB



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