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For rental applications requiring the wall mounting of any large screen TV, Hire Intelligence carries the Wall bracket for LED/LCD/Plasma Display.

Rather than just being a single bracket type, there is actually a range of brackets allowing them to suit practically any wall mounting application or display. 

First of all, size is important. As brackets get larger, they can support more weight and as such larger TV's but this increase in physical size may mean the same bracket will be wider than some smaller screens - not a good look. Smaller brackets are available to suit the smaller sized displays but still offering the same features as their larger counterparts.

Varying installations will be looking for flush mounting on the wall or possibly some adjustability when it comes to viewing angle and to this end, the Wall bracket for LED/LCD/Plasma Display range includes both flush mounting and pivoting brackets to suit all sizes of display. 

Orientation is also a consideration with a significant amount of installations calling for non-standard portrait setups. Often it's a case of just mounting the bracket sideways on the panel but for  some larger, heavier displays the standard bracket will be wider than the screen when portrait mounted. For these applications, Hire Intelligence has purpose built portrait brackets available to rent offering the same flush mount or adjustable options as their landscape equivalents.

The Wall bracket for LED/LCD/Plasma Display range is available to hire with any of the large screen displays or for use with your own TV's.

  • Wall bracket for LED/LCD/Plasma Display



Wall bracket for LED/LCD/Plasma Display

Supported Screen Sizes:

Universal VESA, 30"-75" TV's up to 85Kg


Flush Mount, Pivot, Portrait

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