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Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

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The Covid19 pandemic saw massive disruption to the event industry and business in general and that impact continues to this day. Key to mitigating the ongoing impact of Covid19 and reducing the impact of future pandemics as well as the spread of seasonal virus’s like Cold and Flu is improved personal hygiene and at the frontline of any defense strategy will be simple hand sanitization.
To that end, Hire Intelligence has available to rent a fleet of simple to operate, standalone Hand Sanitiser Dispensers. These units are battery operated so setup is as simple as placing into position, filling with up to 1 Liter of  sanitiser foam, fluid or gel of your choice (Available to purchase from Hire Intelligence) and flipping the power switch.
Operation is touch free – an infrared sensor detects a user and dispenses a metered dose of sanitiser into the users hands with any overflow caught in the catch tray below. The supplied batteries will last for thousands of doses but are easily replaced with either 4 x AA or 2 x D batteries depending on model.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
  • Features: 1L Auto-dispenser

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