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Virtual Reality Theater

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Hire Intelligence’s Virtual Reality Theater allows synchronised playback of VR video content on up to 200 Samsung Gear VR headsets simultaneously. Perfect for VR Presentations and Product Demonstrations, VR Tours and VR Safety Inductions, the posible applications are practically limitless.

The Virtual Reality Theater comes in the form of your required number of Gear VR headsets including Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. These are supplied pre-loaded with all required applications and your VR content. Hardware to create a specialized stnadalone wireless control network is also included. This can then be used to control the synchronised playback on all devices within range of the wireless network from any device with a web browser, be it a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The web-based control interface allows playback of multiple VR videos and provides the status of connected devices allowing easy monitoring of the battery condition of the individual Galaxy phones used in the headsets. Control is via the application only. Users will be presented with a customizable Static VR image with optional logo until playback is initiated from the control interface. All controls on the Gear VR headset, except volume, are locked out.

Audio can be delivered via headphones on each device or via a dedicated Galaxy Smartphone connected to an in-room speaker system.

A cloud based version of the control application is also available making synchronised playback of internet connected devices anywhere in the world possible provided they have been pre-loaded with the control application and content. This enables national or even international synchronised VR Theater events possible. The cloud based solution offers a practically unlimited number of connected headsets.

Hire Intelligence can provide a comprehensive VR solution starting with advice on how to best encode your VR content to ensure the best possible playback and synchronisation from the Gear VR and Synchronization hardware. Setup and support throughout your event are also available options.

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