The FLIR MR160 Thermal Imaging Moisture Meter intruduces a new approach to moisture detection combining a thermal camera and colour display with a pinless and traditional pin type detection probe. 

This combination allows a user to rapidly identify potential areas of concern which will represent themselves as cold spots via thermal imaging. This will aid in placement of either the integrated pinless moisture probe or the included external pin probe allowing for quicker detection and measurement in all situations. An integrated laser-pointer also assists in this regard, centered on the measured image and as such aiding probe placement.

  • FLIR MR160 Thermal Imaging Moisture Meter



FLIR MR160 Thermal Imaging Moisture Meter

Detection Range:

0-100% with 5% Accuracy across 9 Material Groups


Digital Still (BMP) with Overlaid Measurement Results


80x60 Pixel IR Detector


Laser Pointer, External Pin Probe, Colour Moisture Alert



Results Accuracy

Results are recorded by the FLIR MR160 Thermal Imaging Moisture Meter in the form of BMP files with the recorded meaurements from the pinless and pin probes overlaid. Nine material groups are provided for with a mositer range of 0-100% with 5% accuracy when measured via the pin type probe. 

Hire Intelligence provides the FLIR MR160 Thermal Imaging Moisture Meter for rent alng with integrated 3000mAh battery allowing for up to 18 hours of continuous operation, USB data/charge lead and charger. Also included is the pin probe attachment.

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