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What’s the Best Way to Launch a Product in Today’s Market​?

The process required to launch a product in the market has transformed beyond recognition over the last couple of decades. In the past, a limited number of media outlets existed. Back then, simply creating a press release, getting a PR team on the case and setting up a press tour would typically have been enough to get the column inches you craved.

What’s the Best Way to Launch a Product in Today’s Market?

Now, there are infinitely more media outlets, many of which are specialist and much smaller in size. That makes getting widespread attention far more difficult. There’s also an incessant stream of news that’s trying to force your product launch out of the public’s mind.

So, how can you launch a new product in a way that gets noticed in all the right places?

1. Start your activity far in advance

The process of launching a new product in the market should start long before the launch date. You should produce your outreach activities six to eight weeks before the official launch date. That may include press releases, social media posts, blogs written for sector-specific publishers or articles posted on your website. This will allow time for the news to spread. Interested parties and publishers may then pick it up.

2. Harness the power of influencers

You may like them, or you may loathe them. Either way, social media influencers and bloggers with a sizeable online presence in your sector can be a powerful tool when trying to attract the attention of customers and prospects. One effective way to harness the power of influencers is to send them your product before the release date in return for a review article or post.

3. Brief industry experts and authorities

Influencers can be a step in the right direction. However, there’s nothing like coverage from an industry authority, such as a magazine with an established readership, to bring your new product to the attention of interested parties. Remember, though, that staff writers and journalists receive coverage requests constantly. So, make it clear why they should spend their time listening to and writing about your product.

4. Drip feed some teasers

If you’re building up to the launch weeks and even months in advance, it’s essential you maintain your momentum and the interest in your product or service. ‘Coming soon’ tweets and ‘leaked’ photos of the product can help to build the interest of the target market. The hope is that they’ll be at fever pitch by the time it hits the stores.

5. Do something different

During the release cycle and the launch event itself, it really does pay to stand out. Examples include creating a unique video, releasing the product at an industry event or harnessing the latest technology to interact with the target market in an exciting and engaging way. Virtual reality technologyvideo walls and touch screens are just a few examples of the different types of technology that can help to take your new product launch to the next level.

6. Involve your partners

Are there third parties such as marketing partners or franchisees who also have an interest in the success of the product launch? If there are, make sure you leverage the different channels available to them to spread the word about the new product. These natural allies can get more people talking about the release. Then, the likelihood that it’ll be picked up by those who matter will improve.

7. Don’t cease all activity after the launch

You might assume the process required to launch a product in the market ceases as soon as it is on sale, but these days, you never know when it could gain traction. It might not be until after the launch that the product attracts the attention of industry authorities and publications, so make sure you keep the content coming. Customer stories, how-to guides and details of product specifications customers may not be aware of can all give reporters something worthwhile to write about long after the official release.

Create a product launch with a difference

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