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Top 10 Employee Engagement Strategies

Despite understanding the critical role it has in organisational success, many leaders do not prioritise employee engagement or take the time to measure it and think about how improvements could be made. In fact, research has found that a shockingly low 13 per cent of employees are engaged at work. However, the good news is there are a number of simple employee engagement strategies managers can implement to make a significant change.

Top 10: Employee Engagement Strategies

With that in mind, here are 10 simple staff engagement ideas to boost levels of employee productivity, retention and happiness at work.

1. Decide what employee engagement means to your organisation

Engagement is a broad term that encapsulates everything from motivation to morale in the workplace. To improve engagement and effectively measure the impact of the changes you make, it’s essential you define what engagement means to you. For example, is it an increase in productivity? A reduction in absenteeism and presenteeism? Falling staff turnover rates? Or all of those things?

2. Make engagement part of your overarching business strategy

If you’re really going to have a significant impact on employee engagement, it must become a part of your overarching business strategy and not just something you ship out to HR. Indeed, companies with high levels of engagement make it a key business metric that’s just as important as sales and profitability.

3. How will you measure engagement metrics?

Measuring something as intangible and far-reaching as engagement can be tricky. But if you really take staff engagement strategies seriously, it’s essential you choose the metrics you’ll measure and decide how you’ll report on them carefully. A combination of formal surveys and ongoing sentiment measurement generally works well.

4. Invest in the latest tools and tech

Nothing can be more demotivating for employees than feeling they don’t have the necessary hardware and tools to perform at their best. If budgets are tight, renting the latest tech on short-term and long-term deals will show your employees you’re committed to investing in their performance.

5. Improve your leaders

Research has shown that having trust in their leaders is the foremost driver of staff engagement. While some leaders may be excellent performers, not all are competent in the fundamentals of employee engagement. Building trust, communicating clear expectations, managing culture and enlisting feedback are all simple lessons leaders can learn.

6. Create a constant stream of staff engagement ideas

Make sure leaders have an accessible flow of resources for learning and development that discuss and suggest employment engagement strategies. This is key to keeping engagement at the forefront of their minds.

7. Act on feedback and data

There’s no point putting time-consuming and potentially expensive methods of data collection and feedback generation in place unless you act on those findings. Failure to do so will only make trust, morale and engagement worse.

8. Discuss engagement in staff meetings

It’s important employees know you care about their happiness and wellbeing. For instance, simply ask employees what they think is working well, and what staff engagement ideas need improvement. Doing so can boost their motivation and morale.

9. Make employee development a priority

A poll found 87 per cent of millennials and 69 per cent of non-millennials see career development as an important aspect of their jobs. Providing regular opportunities to further their careers and develop new skills should be foremost among your staff engagement ideas. However, don’t expect immediate results. While companies that exhibit the highest levels of engagement make culture a priority, it takes time to transform the culture of a company.

10. Give your staff access to the latest tech

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