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Rent AV Equipment and Create an Impact on Your Audience

Rent a ProjectorAre you hosting an event? Need a sound system? Lighting arrangements? A big display? Who is going to arrange all this? Worry not, because you have come to the right place.

You can now rent AV equipment and take your event to new heights in a cost-effective way. We specialize in providing the latest and advanced AV equipment for all types of events and exhibitions. We have a comprehensive range of AV equipment such as video walls, plasma LCD and LED screens, 4D and 4K screens, projectors, sound systems, microphones, speakers, touch screens, stage and lighting equipment, and much more. We partner with the best manufacturers in the industry and make sure your event runs smoothly and successfully.

Why Rent AV Equipment?

Multimedia support is crucial to an event’s success. Even if you’re hosting a small event, AV equipment is a must. Renting AV equipment can be very cost-effective as you only have to pay the rent for one day, while buying it can cost you a lot. Moreover, such equipment gets replaced soon because the technology keeps changing. We always make sure you benefit from the most up-to-date equipment. Our on-site technicians are always there for the installation of the equipment to its working. Owning AV equipment also requires maintenance and repair from time to time. This is why an AV equipment rental service will be a wise choice if you want to maintain a balance between cost and quality.

Our Products

Video Walls

Looking for something that makes an impact on your audience? Try our video walls and add a professional touch to your event. Video walls are a perfect choice if you want to deliver your message visually. We have different sizes of video walls, which can either be mounted on a wall or stand freely.

Plasma Screens

Plasma LCD and LED screens can be best suited for different events and occasions. If you want to present some video work or deliver your message about your brand, renting a plasma screen will give a good impression to your audience. Our latest collection of plasma screens is made to enhance the image and create a long-lasting visual impact.


Projectors are excellent for business meetings and presentations. They are portable and deliver an amazingly high quality of visual impact.

PA and Sound Systems

The purpose of hosting an event or exhibition is that you want your message to be heard by your audience. If you have a good sound system, you can easily and successfully deliver your message. We have a vast range of audio equipment that can be installed professionally by our on-site technicians.

Lighting and Staging

Need a good lighting system and stage for your day? We have professional lecterns and LED uplighters to take your event to new heights. Our portable staging is the most amazing and is available in different sizes with steps and skirts.

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