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iOS 11Apple’s iPad is incredibly useful when you’re working on the move. And iOS 11 has added a few extra features to help you get things done…

1. Access your Files

On a desktop computer, you store your documents in folders that are easy to access. This makes it easy to organise your files and search through them. iPads don’t work this way. Instead, your documents are spread across different apps. But Apple’s new Files app gives you a central place to search for documents across a range of storage apps.

The Files app can connect to iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and others. This way, you can easily search across them all for a specific document. You can also tag files with topics or colours so they’re easier to find.

Clicking on a document in Files opens it... Read More


Mesh Wireless NetworkIf your office Wi-Fi network is still plagued by dead spots after you’ve exhausted all the troubleshooting tips, it might be time to step up to a mesh wireless network.

Sorting out your office Wi-Fi woes can be tricky. There are so many factors at play. The best approach is to put your wireless router in a central location – up high and away from other wireless equipment. Also, ensure you use a different channel to other nearby networks.

If you’ve run out of troubleshooting options then it might be time to bite the bullet and invest in new Wi-Fi gear. Instead of simply opting for a more powerful base station, you might benefit from upgrading to a mesh wireless network.

Working as a team

A mesh wireless... Read More


New Year's Tech ResolutionsAs things slow down over the summer break, it’s time to ensure your business is ready to tackle 2018. Why not try a few New Year’s tech resolutions?

Make the most of mobile devices

You’re probably already using notebooks, smartphones and tablets across your business. However, it’s important to develop a holistic mobile strategy to ensure these devices deliver on their full potential.

A fragmented mobile ecosystem can hamper productivity. Consider settling on specific apps, services and devices across your organisation. Look for ways your people can share data and collaborate, to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Rather than simply replicating your old paperwork and workflows, look for ways to make the most of... Read More


Shoot Super Steady With an iPhone GimbalRather than capturing shaky handheld video, a gimbal camera grip holds your iPhone rock steady.

Hiring professional video equipment is a smart move when you’ve got an important event to capture. However, there are still times when you just need to grab a quick snippet of video. You might not have a video camera at hand, but a gimbal camera grip is an impressive accessory for the iPhone in your pocket. It’s particularly useful if you want to live stream an event.

They’re not just for smartphones. You’ll also find gimbal grips designed for digital cameras, camcorders and even tiny action cameras. Acting as a stabiliser, they remove vertical shake from your videos to help them look more professional.

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Smart officeLaptops and tablets are incredibly powerful productivity tools for your smart office. However, they might cause you grief if they struggle to stay connected to your office wireless network.

A flaky Wi-Fi network can also cost you money if your devices are roaming back onto expensive mobile broadband rather than taking advantage of your office broadband connection.

Place it with care

The first step to improving your office Wi-Fi network is to ensure your Wi-Fi router is in a central location. Preferably, this would be up high and out in the open rather than locked away in a cupboard.

Try to keep the Wi-Fi router away from large, solid objects. These might block the signal. You’ll get the best results with a dual-band Wi-Fi network operating on both the 5GHz... Read More