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Oct 24, 2018

How eSports has Grown in 2018

eSports is the world’s fastest growing sport. Yet it doesn’t involve a ball, a pitch or any physical activity at all. Whether it’s actually a sport at all is a debate for another time. However, eSports, the name given to competitive computer gaming, is undoubtedly taking the world by storm.

eSports’ growth over the last few years has been meteoric. Total revenue from the burgeoning industry was US$493 million in 2016. That figure jumped to US$655 million in 2017. The Read More


What is a feasibility study and how to do one

Regardless of what stage your business is at – whether you’re just getting started, looking to expand or about to take the next big step – pragmatism is key to success. In any situation of operational or economic significance, approaching major change without studying what is feasible will inevitably lead to failure. There’s a reason the adage “Failing to plan is planning to fail” is such a truism. Businesses who prioritise learning how... Read More


Take Advantage of a Book Device – a Laptop and Tablet in OneYou may be yet to use a book device – a hybrid tablet/laptop that specialises in everything. However, chances are you’ve at least heard reviews or have considered buying or renting one (or more) for professional purposes.

You’re probably aware of the words often associated with these new devices. Words like “portable”, “convenient” and “versatile”, among other positive attributes. It all sounds very promising. However, you’re still wondering if a two-in-one device is really the ideal choice, right? Is it the best of both worlds (a laptop and a tablet), or a... Read More


Launch New Products with the Latest IT and Audio Visual EquipmentHosting a launch event to celebrate and promote the arrival of a brand new product? The best and latest IT and audio visual equipment is designed to help you put on a spectacular show that people remember for all the right reasons.

Here are five types of technology and their potential applications to consider when planning that important product launch.


It’s highly likely there will be key stakeholders in the room. These might include potential buyers, investors, partners, marketers, journalists, business development managers, external sales agents and more. Clearly, you’ll want to make an immediate and positive impact on this highly engaged audience. Look no further than a... Read More


4 Ways New Technologies Enhance the Value of Market ResearchVarious forms of market research – from simple to sophisticated – have existed for about as long as organisations have been trying to work out what people really want.

The key difference between the past and the present, not to mention the very near future, is the dramatically enhanced value we can extract from rapidly evolving technologies in the market research space. Indeed, the possibilities are close to endless. However, advanced hardware and serious computing power are often required to make these possibilities a reality.

So, how does modern technology help you gather meaningful customer (and prospective customer) insights and make more informed business decisions?



These days,... Read More