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Jul 10, 2018

When you look at the growth trajectory of virtual reality (VR) technology over the last few years, it’s clear that good things lie ahead, not just for the rest of 2018 but also for the years to come.

The user base has doubled in the last year. It has gone from 90 million active users in 2017 to 171 million in 2018. As such, it’s clear that VR has now gone mainstream. This has been boosted by the arrival of the second wave of improved standalone VR headsets. These mean users can experience immersive technology with a VR headset alone.

As one of the fastest growing sectors in tech, this is certainly an interesting space to watch over the next few years. So, what are some of the current trends in virtual reality?

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Corporate trainingYou’ve developed a comprehensive corporate training program. You’ve registered a healthy number of participants. Perhaps you’ve even invited a special guest speaker. However, have you given enough thought to the technology and equipment that will drive your training session toward successful outcomes?


In the past, a simple presentation run on a computer and displayed via a data projector and screen would have been sufficient for most applications. These days, however, the corporate world expects training and education to be more dynamic, more professional, and more interactive.

By taking your sessions to the next level using the latest technology for training, you clearly demonstrate how important it is for participants to... Read More


Data ProjectorDoes your business tend to rely on multiple projectors to perform a variety of visual presentation tasks? Perhaps, then, it’s time to scale back the expenses. You can keep things simple by hiring one versatile and portable model for all your different applications.

Optoma’s EH500 4700 Lumen Full HD Data Projector is a little machine that ticks a lot of boxes. Why worry about which projector to take to an event? Instead, you can trust this data display all-rounder to get just about any job done.

It’s a data projector that shines in small spaces…

The Optoma EH500 weighs 3.6kg, with external dimensions of 326 x 254 x 104mm. As such, it’s compact enough to be a temporary office projector shared among internal departments. However, it can also be used in medium-to-large boardrooms or... Read More


Giant iTab 3What do current users think of our latest offering?

Hire Intelligence is excited to be the exclusive Australian source for Giant iTabs. We think they’re a game changer, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Giant iTab users in the UK have been saying…


“The best tool bar none for presenting App-based technology at an event and securing visitor engagement.”

– Robert Dunsmore, Creative Director


“With the Giant iTab sited in store, this e-commerce solution sells off the Orvis website, showcasing its entire portfolio, including products, equipment and sporting adventures not previously... Read More

May 2, 2018

Giant iTab 2The Giant iTab is exclusive to Hire Intelligence and could be just the thing you need for your next event.

The idea couldn’t be more simple: take all the familiar touchscreen usability of a tablet and scale it up so that groups can interact with it more easily. That’s the Giant iTab in a nutshell.

At London Fashion Week, Giant iTabs were found in the VIP areas for visitors to flick through the work of new designers. Etihad Airways uses Giant iTabs as info points in its first-class lounges. Harrods uses them to show people around their emporium, and Nespresso made use of Giant iTabs to showcase their latest app in-store.

The Giant iTab is versatile

Whatever your need, all Giant... Read More