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iPad Business AccessoriesiPads are amazingly versatile business tools, but with the right iPad business accessories you can make them even more useful whether you’re working around the office or out on the road.

Case in point

A sturdy case makes for a wise investment to protect your precious tablet from rough and tumble. However, you should also look for extra features to help make you more productive.

Some cases are extra sturdy, designed to protect against water and dust as well as bumps and scratches. They also feature large handles to make it easy to keep a tight grip on your tablet, along with connectors on the back for attaching to a hands-free mount.

Others feature a flexible stand for resting the iPad on any... Read More


PC PerformanceThere’s no point in saving a few dollars on hardware if it’s not up to the job. You’ll pay the price for poor PC performance every day in lost productivity.

A great desktop computer is the cornerstone of workplace productivity. If your staff have time to make a coffee while they wait for their computer to boot in the morning, or everyday tasks leave them staring at a frozen screen, then it’s time to upgrade.

This is where renting office PCs makes a lot of sense, making it easier to upgrade so you’re not stuck with old computers which are past their use by date.

Plenty of grunt

These days even entry-level business PCs for performing basic office tasks should feature at least an Intel Core i5 processor. You’ll also want a... Read More


apple handoffApple’s smartphones, tablets, watches and Macs are designed to work in unison. Everything is synced so you can easily jump between devices to stay productive through the day.

“Continuity” covers a family of Apple sync features. These include Handoff, Universal Clipboard, iPhone Cellular Calls, SMS/MMS messaging, Instant Hotspot and Auto Unlock. The idea is to make your transition between devices as seamless as possible. With this achieved, you can get straight back to work.

Handoff is one of the most useful in terms of productivity. It goes far beyond the basic sync features offered by some cloud services. To use Handoff and other Continuity features, each device must be signed into iCloud with the same... Read More


data breach reportingSecurity issues don’t just put your business at risk. They also threaten the privacy and security of your partners and clients. For this reason, Australia is introducing mandatory data breach reporting.

There have been a string of high-profile data breaches in recent years. Some businesses need to do more to protect their sensitive data from intruders – especially client data.

Many businesses have been less than forthcoming regarding their lapses of security. Affected clients have been put at greater risk as they don’t realise their information may have been compromised. Often, this disregard for customer security has more of an impact on a business’s reputation than the... Read More


battery lifeYour precious iPad is little more than an expensive paperweight if it runs out of juice, so it’s worth learning a few tricks for nursing the battery through a long day.

In theory, an iPad’s battery life should get you through the average work day. However, your mileage will vary depending on how much you use it and what you’re using it for. The battery life will also diminish with age, like any rechargeable device.

Do you find your iPad tends to run flat when you’re out on the road? It might be worth investing in a car charger or a portable battery so you can top up the iPad during the day. When the battery is running very... Read More