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Intelligent Projector Hire – Which Suits Your Needs Best?

Intelligent Projector Hire – Which Suits Your Needs Best?There are many types of projectors available to hire today and most are designed for use in specific situations. It’s not always easy to work out which projector rental package is the right one to suit your needs and there are many considerations that need to be taken into account.

Business Considerations

What images do you plan to show? Which resolution do you need? How many lumens does it need to output? How portable does it need to be/where will it be used?  These are all questions you need to ask yourself before making a decision.

Projectors Overview

You will often see projectors classified into two groups – business or data projectors and home entertainment or video projectors.

As their name suggests, the first group are best suited for business use – PowerPoint presentations, spread sheets and still images. That’s not to say they can’t output video – they’re just not made for that specific purpose.

Standard entry level data projectors, such as the NEC NP 40G (2,200 ANSI Lumens) and NP43G (2,300 ANSI lumens), suit data projection perfectly, although their compact build and generous lumen output make these projectors good all-rounders.

The lumen output of a projector is a measure of the amount of visible light given out – the lower the value, the lower the amount of light. Higher lumen values generally give a brighter, crisper picture.

Sanyo and Epson Projectors

The Sanyo PLC-XW65 video projector is the next step up, outputting 2,500-2,600 lumens. This range is where video projectors start differentiating themselves. They are brighter, with higher contrast and sharper picture quality than their data-projecting cousins. If presentation space is an issue, why not try a short-throw projector, such as the Epson EB-455Wi.

Optoma Models

At the higher end of the market come high-resolution, full HD projectors, such as the Optoma EH1020 and EH1060. These projectors boast bright pictures in crystal clear definition and, with higher levels of networking capabilities and connectivity, are as perfect for use in the technical and medical sectors as they are at showing high quality video.

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