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Take Advantage of a Book Device – a Laptop and Tablet in One

Take Advantage of a Book Device – a Laptop and Tablet in OneYou may be yet to use a book device – a hybrid tablet/laptop that specialises in everything. However, chances are you’ve at least heard reviews or have considered buying or renting one (or more) for professional purposes.

You’re probably aware of the words often associated with these new devices. Words like “portable”, “convenient” and “versatile”, among other positive attributes. It all sounds very promising. However, you’re still wondering if a two-in-one device is really the ideal choice, right? Is it the best of both worlds (a laptop and a tablet), or a compromise you’ll end up regretting?

To answer these questions, let’s flip the latest IT devices open and see what we’re working with.


First things first – we need to understand what constitutes a book device. Broadly speaking, there are two main types of hybrid personal computers: convertible laptops with touchscreens and detachable tablets with physical keyboards. In other words, each make and model of two-in-one tends to lean slightly one way or the other.

So, what is the main difference between these options? On the hybrid laptop side, you get a device that operates with a hinge in various modes. Like “display” and “tent” mode, for example. The main advantages of this functionality include the ability to use the device for sharing your screen in meetings or working on intensive projects from just about anywhere.

On the hybrid tablet side, you get a device that completely detaches from its own docked keyboard. This allows you to hold it, manoeuvre it and use it to engage with multimedia content as easily as you would with a regular tablet.

While every device is different, it is reasonable to assume that most convertible laptops, while heavier and less mobile than their detachable tablet cousins, also offer a fraction more memory and processing power. Your ultimate hiring/purchasing decision therefore rests on your operating priorities.


We’ve established how the hardware looks, feels and functions. Now it’s time to talk about key features and benefits. At the end of the day (and indeed throughout the day), every decent laptop/tablet hybrid prides itself on flexibility.

Whether you want to employ the full-stroke keys and touchpad for a more robust user experience or the touchscreen capability for more creative endeavours on the go, the optimal working platform is always available. Within a matter of seconds, you’re able to switch between different modes to type reports, check emails, view image galleries and videos, design artwork and of course, share your screen with clients or colleagues.

Remember, book devices are essentially built for portability. What they lack in grunt, they make up for in ease of use, multiple functions, long battery life, cooler operating temperature over long periods of time, and other advantages.

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