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May 2, 2018

Giant iTab 2The Giant iTab is exclusive to Hire Intelligence and could be just the thing you need for your next event.

The idea couldn’t be more simple: take all the familiar touchscreen usability of a tablet and scale it up so that groups can interact with it more easily. That’s the Giant iTab in a nutshell.

At London Fashion Week, Giant iTabs were found in the VIP areas for visitors to flick through the work of new designers. Etihad Airways uses Giant iTabs as info points in its first-class lounges. Harrods uses them to show people around their emporium, and Nespresso made use of Giant iTabs to showcase their latest app in-store.

The Giant iTab is versatile

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These days, brands are fighting each other for scraps on social media and marketing relentlessly online. It makes you wonder whether there’s still a place for the humble business exhibition. Well, the answer is a resounding yes. So why are exhibitions important?


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Workplace training can be an extremely cost-effective way to expand the skills and knowledge base of your team. Compared to the costs of recruiting new team members, training existing staff can fill a skills gap at a fraction of the cost. However, despite the obvious benefits, many businesses still underestimate the importance of staff training.

There are significant benefits associated with workplace training and development. However, there are also a number of common reasons businesses give to explain their reluctance to invest in the skills of their team. The increase in unbillable hours, the costs associated with training and the delivery of poor or irrelevant courses can make some businesses hesitant to invest when they’re not convinced they’ll see a return.

Despite this, we think the importance of training and development in the workplace should not be underestimated. Here’s why…

1. Untrained employees are unhappy employees

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iPad NotesIt might seem like the most basic of apps, but iPad Notes has a lot to offer as a productivity tool if you take the time to learn its tricks.

Dictate notes

Rather than opening the Notes app, you can simply call up Siri and ask her to create a new note. She’ll ask you what you want the note to say, listen as you dictate the note and then read it back to you.

Alternatively, if you’ve already opened a note, you can tap the microphone icon on the onscreen keyboard and dictate your note.

Sync between devices

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CRM toolsYour customers are one of your most valuable business assets. It’s worth getting to know them better with a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM system).

There comes a time when you need to upgrade from your basic customer contact list or that mess of convoluted spreadsheets. Often, important customer data is locked away in these documents. Meanwhile, other key information is haphazardly spread across notes on individual computers and handheld devices. It could even  in people’s heads. You can lose that valuable information when sales staff leave.

A CRM system goes far beyond storing simple contact details. It helps you build up a detailed real-time view of your customer base. It may be tightly... Read More