CRM toolsYour customers are one of your most valuable business assets. It’s worth getting to know them better with a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM system).

There comes a time when you need to upgrade from your basic customer contact list or that mess of convoluted spreadsheets. Often, important customer data is locked away in these documents. Meanwhile, other key information is haphazardly spread across notes on individual computers and handheld devices. It could even  in people’s heads. You can lose that valuable information when sales staff leave.

A CRM system goes far beyond storing simple contact details. It helps you build up a detailed real-time view of your customer base. It may be tightly integrated with your other... Read More

These days, whenever you look for marketing tips online, you’re bombarded with articles bestowing the virtues of social media marketing, content marketing and search engine optimisation, but what about good old offline marketing? We may live in a digital world, but that has only made us crave human interactions and experiences more than ever. That’s why we’re celebrating the rebirth of non-digital with a few strategies that can help you achieve a more engaging offline marketing experience.

Research has found that even today, 40 percent of online consumers make a purchase after being influenced by an offline channel. A recent study also shows that traditional engagement channels, such as television and print, still offer the most reach.

So, with that said, what can your brand do to build a more meaningful and engaging offline marketing experience? Let’s take a look…
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Video conference gearWith the right video conference gear in your office you can hold those important face-to-face meetings while slashing your travel budget and spending less time in transit.

Whatever kind of business you’re in, success depends on maintaining strong working relationships with customers, suppliers and partners.

Sometimes this means getting out there to press the flesh. However, once you’ve made a great first impression in person, it’s not always necessary to hop in a car or jump on a plane to stay in touch. The new generation of high-quality video conferencing equipment lets you look them in the eye. It doesn’t matter where they are in the world. You don’t have to leave your desk.

A new day in video conference gear

Forget about cheap webcams and crackly audio.... Read More

Feb 22, 2018

use an iPadSwitching from a traditional computer to Apple’s iPad can be a smooth transition if you bring across a few PC-style tricks to ensure you remain productive throughout the day. You can use an iPad just like a PC.

  1. Use a keyboard cover

You can get a lot done with an iPad’s touchscreen. However, when you need to type a long document you might find things easier with a real keyboard at your fingertips rather than tapping away on a slab of glass.

You can connect any external Bluetooth keyboard, but you’ll also find iPad cases with a built-in keyboard. They fold closed like a notebook. With a kickstand on the back of the case, you can stand your iPad upright when it’s time to write long documents. You can still use an iPad.

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Data insuranceIf fire, flood or theft hits your office then insurance should cover your tangible assets, but no amount of money can recover lost data. That is why backups are so crucial as your data insurance.

Disasters don’t just happen to other people. Something as simple as a faulty power supply or burst water pipe could take out your office at any time. It’s also easy to lose or break notebooks and tablets when you’re out on the road.

Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket

Hardware and software can be easily replaced, but your precious business data cannot. You might occasionally back up your important files to USB stick, disc or even a Network Attached Storage drive. However, they won’t save the day if you’ve left them in the office... Read More